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Centre Bearings & Propshaft Centre Bearings Including VW Touareg Centre Bearing

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The Propshaft Centre Bearing Range from Driveline Hydraulics

A propshaft bearing is a mechanical element that is used to reduce relative motion and restrict the friction experienced by moving parts to a more manageable level. Some bearings do not only reduce factors such as friction, but they actually assist the alternately desired motion to be undertaken in additional ways too. The actual name ‘bearing’ derives from the component’s primary function; providing support to another part of a mechanism. Propshaft centre bearings have been in use since the days of antiquity, and various kinds are now widely used in numerous applications. Propshaft centre bearings are one particular type of bearing, and are used to protect the driveshaft of a vehicle.

Centre bearings are generally made from high-quality steel or a similarly robust material to provide stability for the centre support frame of a vehicle. Especially sealed to prevent contamination and corrosion, these substantial components always conform to extremely high standards of quality to convey the maximum possible level of performance. The most sophisticated types of bearing - such as a VW Touareg centre bearing - actually demand some of the most exacting manufacture procedures in the industry. A central bearing is extremely important, as the failure of one of these parts results in a vehicle being unable to move, and thus needing immediate repair attention.

Our Premium Grade Centre Bearing Range

Here at Driveline and Hydraulic Engineering Ltd we take pride in supplying a comprehensive catalogue of centre bearings that are suitable for both commercial and off-highway use. Because of our broad range of product sizes, you can always be sure of finding something to suit your needs, and our strong reputation also guarantees the quality and efficiency of your purchase for a minimum of six months. If you would like to be furnished with any more details about our products or our services, then contact us and we will be happy to discuss your situation.
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