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Cab Tilt Rams & Cab Tilt Pumps

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Hydraulic Rams Manufactured & Repaired

Cab tilt rams and cab tilt pumps allow the cab of a vehicle (usually a lorry) to be raised or lowered as required. Most designs of this hydraulic cylinder system enable the cab to be locked within the lowered position, and then be easily raised again as necessary. Many of these hydraulic cylinder systems make use of a pair of hydraulic pistons and a cylindrical assembly to perform this function, as well as a control head with in-built considerations such as a tilt pump, reservoir and selector valves. Cab tilt cylinder rams are directly connected to the cab of the truck in question, allowing it to both attain free movement when raised, and then undergo more restrained motion when the cab is lowered.

Cab tilt pumps and their accompanying rams are manufactured to very precise specifications; mainly due to the inconveniences that can be experienced when trying to find a suitable mechanism to tilt or lower a cab. The lowering of a lorry cab in this fashion typically occurs when some form of maintenance work is needed, and this rather laborious process has enabled far easier repairs to be conducted than during the days when such hydraulic cylinder systems were not yet refined. There are several variables when it comes to these rams and tilt pumps, including ‘double acting’ products, so each appliance tends to work slightly differently.

Contact Driveline for Cab Tilt Pump & Hydraulic Ram Repairs

Driveline and Hydraulic Engineering Ltd have more than two decades worth of experience when it comes to hydraulic ram repairs and manufacturing a range of propshafts and hydraulic cylinder systems, and thus we also have a considerable amount of expertise in the area of cab tilt cylinder rams and cab tilt pumps. Both our manufactured parts and our repair services always strive to deliver the same sort of satisfaction and lasting results at all times, allowing your vehicle to be in full working order again in an extremely efficient timescale. If you would like to find out more, be sure to contact us now.
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